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Rajdhani Computer Education Family

Welcome to Rajdhani Computer Education !

We are proud to introduce ourselves to you as a bridge between you and Information Technology. The computer revolution and the era of Information Technology have changed our lives dramatically. Today, business, the communications industry, science, medicine, travel finance-every aspect of our lives is heavily dependent on Information Technology.

While Indian software exports are growing at an unprecedented pase, there is an acute shortage oskilled computer professionals. At "Rajdhani Computer Education" our mission is to reach computer education to every Indian and to create I.T. Professionals at par with the best in the world.

Moreover, at RCE we believe in your all-round development as an individual. That is why equal importance is attached to the development of soft skills in general management, personality development and communication. So that when you walk out of RCE, you are a confident professional armed with technical expertised and people skills. We hope this prospectus helps you focus on which course you want to choose from our wide array of career oriented courses. Please feel free to talk to our counselors if you have any doubt or queries. We look forward to your joining our courses and being a part of "Rajdhani Computer Education Family".